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Holistic Methods for Improving Women's Health

Face Reflexology

Kymberly's LLC offers reflexology therapy that stimulates the nerve receptors on your skin to work wonders on your appearance and health. Minimize fine lines while improving organ function, all with one procedure.


Scented Oil and Soaps

Experience the difference that aromatherapy can make in your life. Through a combination of fragrant, high-grade oils, we can address a variety of health problems, such as depression and hormonal imbalances.


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Replenish your skin's beauty with Kymberly's Earthen Beauty™, our line of organic skin care products. These are hand crafted and blended per order, so you can expect only the freshest mix of oils and herbs to make your skin glow.

Skin & Beauty

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My selection of holistic services and organic products has made us well known in the community for superior results. Take a look at my techniques in action or order my book on the benefits of essential oils.


About Kymberly's LLC and her Earthen Beauty Organic Skin Care & Vegan Cosmetics

Kymberly provides holistic medicine that focuses on improving women's health and enhancing their natural beauty. From reflexology therapies to customized skin care products, we provide the care that women of all ages need to feel and look their best.

Based in Petersburg, Virginia, she takes the time to work with you and find out what treatment is going to fit your individual circumstances. Her clinic creates an in-depth, internal health treatment plan that includes advice on how to self-treat. You won't have to come back to her clinic unless it's necessary.

The owner, Kymberly Keniston-Pond, has expertise forged by more than 25 years in the field of holistic medicine. She started her career by learning reflexology in the late '80s and working with disabled individuals. After getting married, she continued her education by training in aromatherapy and researching her own line of skin care products. Having suffered from skin issues herself, she knew how important a personalized touch could be in keeping skin healthy. Her long-term success has earned her membership with organizations such as: 

Global Facial Network | Natural Association for Holistic Aromatherapy | National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Body Work 

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