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Earthen Beauty Skin Care and Vegan Cosmetics

"Earthen Beauty skin care, foundation, concealer, eye shadow, lip/cheek tint & lipstick Love the way the skin care moisturizers my face! Yes After a move to a new climate, new season, and new address, my skin was suffering! I was looking for and trying different facial moisturizers to help my poor skin. Little success until I tried Earthen Beauty skin products. With the first application of Earthen Beauty, my skin came back to life! After one week, my skin looks and feels wonderful. Thank you Kymberly for the fun facial class and introducing me to my new favorite products!"

-BD, Maryland11/02/2015

“Vegan cosmetics The mascara stayed on. Everything else just felt wonderful like I I wearing anything. Yes Thanks Kymberly!! Best makeup I’ve ever put on my face.:)”-KP, Virginia07/22/2015

“Skin Care Products and Blush,Concealer, Lip Gloss My skin feels Happy ! Yes I Finally found skin care that meets all my needs!I Love how my face feels and looks! My good friend asked me if I had lost weight because I “looked great”, and I was “positively glowing”, I told her I was wearing Kymberly’s new skin care line and make-up! Now she wants some too! Thank You for these GREAT PRODUCTS!

-DD, Florida06/08/2015 Dear Kymberly,

Thank you very much for the wonderful sample of your Bodacious Body Cream. It is lovely! I just LOVE your products!

-SH, Virginia2/12/2014

I have used my new “face stuff” twice and may be in LOVE!

BA, Virginia2/12/2015

“This is the best cosmetic line I have ever put on my face. Light on my face, full coverage, with staying power and goes on effortlessly. My daughter and I love it. Thank you, Kymberly Keniston-Pond for creating your cosmetic line.”

TW, North Carolina11/5/2015


Aromatherapy Consultations

"Essential Oil Inhaler How it helped me breath! Yes Kymberly made me a Sinus Relief inhaler with essential oils when I was so congested that I could barely breath through my nose and I can not sleep breathing through my mouth. I could tell a difference immediately and I was able to sleep through the night and breath much more comfortably it was an amazing transformation! I can not thank Kymberly and her oils enough!

-ED, Virginia03/31/2015


Japanese Cosmo Facelift Class

"Japanese Cosmo Facelift Amazing Results ! Yes I attended the Japanese Cosmo Facelift class taught by Kymberly Keniston-Pond and was very pleased with the results. I Love that I was taught how to maintain my new and improved look. Even my Husband noticed (and he never notices anything) that my skin was smoother and I looked "more awake", I know it's due to the awesome way I learned in class how to lift my droopy eyelids! Thanks ever so much for my new younger look!"

-DS, Florida06/08/2015

Hi Kymberly: Thanks for teaching us this wonderful modality. I already have two clients I am working on. An 81 year old and a 50 year old. I have done one treatment each and have scheduled the following treatments. I took your advice and am selling packages at $259.00 for three sessions. Thanks again, I can see my self completely booked when word gets around, and it is already happening.

-MS, North Carolina6/25/2015


Reflexology Treatments

Hi Kym,I just wanted to let u know I had a great night last night and slept like a baby and feel wonderful today…Thank you. (Facial Reflexology)

BS, Virginia2/12/2015

Kymberly,THANK YOU! I came in yesterday looking and feeling SO TIRED and WORN OUT, and after seeing you & getting your “treatment” came home feeling 100% better! ? I feel like my entire face changed! (Facial Reflexology)

BS, Virginia4/22/2015

"My face feels much tighter"...1 treatment "My pores are getting smaller"...2 treatments "I'm not wearing any foundation because my skin has evenedout!"....4 treatments (Japanese Cosmo Facelift)

DP, Virginia

"I FEEL soooooooooooo good...I can deal with my mother so much better and just be able to go with the flow and feel a inner peace"...2 treatments (Japanese Cosmo Facelift)

CJW, Virginia


Essential Oils for Health Book

Kymba!!!!I got two copies of your book!!!! ? One to keep and one to loan out. I would buy a case as gifts if I could afford it. LOL. Haven’t finished it yet, but it is sooooo awesome!! Just what I’ve been wanting and needing!!! Thanks so much!!...

CM, Pennsylvania5/26/2015

“I started reading your book last night and couldn’t put it down. I love it!! Thank you for all the hard work you did in putting it together. Can’t wait to make the recipes and use them. I’d like four more books!!!”

GB, Virginia12/18/2015

“For someone who’s new to using essential oils this book is perfect. To get you started you’ll only need to purchase nine essential oils for all the treatments in the book. You will need Clary Sage, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang along with Grape Seed for the carrier oil. This book is full of recipes to treat many different conditions and ailments. I have some other great books but this one keeps it simple and affordable.”

By Review 8/10/2015

“This essential oil reference book is easy to understand and easy to use. What I enjoy the most is the blends in each recipe have listed with the oil names a list of what they target with each oil. Great for beginners and experienced. Great recipes. Review 5/18/2015

“I actually ordered several essential oils books on the same day and this one BY FAR is the best! Easy to read, simple suggestions for everyday issues. You will not go wrong ordering this one!” Review 8/14/2015

“I found this book full of information, I did not know. Well written and easy to read. It’s a keeper!” Review 11/20/2015

“I just wanted to say “thank you” for writing our book, “Essential Oils for Health”. I appreciate it so much and it’s been so helpful.”

RR, Virginia10/7/2015